Wise Guy by Guy Kawasaki

Book review by Steve Spratt

Wise Guy book review
Wise Guy by Guy Kawasaki

Luck brought me an advance copy of Guy Kawasaki’s new book Wise Guy last weekend. I read the book all the way through, almost. I needed a bathroom break once.

The book serves up the turning points in a well-lived life, and seasons them with some important lessons learned along the way. At the end I was sore-eyed, but not tired! It’s very gratifying to read real-life “wisdom” for a change. Wisdom delivered from the heart by a truly nice human being. Bravo!

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I’ve read most of Guy’s other books too. They have helped shape how I see the world and how I conduct my life and business. Guy is one of those people that has unknowingly nudged my life into alignment.

Long before I met Guy, I read his book Selling The Dream. In fact, I modeled much of the early marketing strategies for my company HPS Palo Alto Inc. on the principals Guy shares in that book. I did not know who Guy Kawasaki was at the time but figured anyone who could get Steve Jobs to endorse his book ON THE COVER has got to know what he’s doing. I was right!

Selling The Dream-Kawasaki

Soon I was “evangelizing” HPS just like Guy had evangelized Apple.  It was obviously effective because soon Guy became my client. Attracted by his own marketing wisdom I guess?? Anyway, Guy and Beth have been HPS customers now for over twenty years. I am very proud of that, and very proud to have played a minor role in his magical life, just as he has in mine.


The message for everyone who reads Wise Guy is in the author’s ongoing example of how a good life can be lived. It’s not about the bank account size, or the number of toys at the end of our run, it’s about HOW we’ve lived. Have we truly lived? Have we grown? And have we given back?

Joseph Campbell said, “what we all seek is not really the meaning of life…what we seek is the experience of being Alive! This book tells me clearly that Guy understands this. Even though the lure of the material stuff will always be there for us weak and gullible humans, our lives don’t have to be given over to them. Go forth and be ALIVE! A great message from a good man.

What an interesting and full life Mr. Kawasaki does live!