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Why I Like Shoes Off in the House

The world outside is a messy place. At the end of each day, I like to leave that mess behind and enter the fresh and nurturing world inside my own home. One way I keep the interior of my home clean is by creating buffer areas between inside and outside at the entryways. Buffer zones help to intercept the messiness of the outside world when moving into the neat and tidy inside world. My entry areas all have hard surfaced, easy to clean floors with soil attractant matts at the doors to help keep dirt from migrating too far into the home. The matt also helps to clean my dog’s feet when she zooms in. In the garage, we have an eight foot long paw-cleaning mat especially for the dog. At these entry areas, I also have benches for sitting and removing shoes, a closet or hooks for coats, and a place for slippers to take the place of the shoes. At my back door, there is also a sink to wash up before coming into the home from working outdoors. Entering the home with shoes is one of the most common pathways for soil, pesticides, and herbicides to find their way indoors. My company, HPS in Palo Alto requires all our Stewardship technicians working inside the home to wear protected shoe cover booties. Some cultures routinely require shoes off at the door to not only prevent dirt migration but to honor the sanctity and spiritual aspects of life at home. My friend Alex Stadtner at Healthy Building Science tells me there are proven health (and cleanliness) benefits to the shoes off practice. At our home, we have adopted strict shoes-off indoors. We switch to socks at the door and provide our guests with indoor-only slippers if they don’t feel comfortable in their stocking feet. After a year, the shoes-off experiment is a habit now and we can say with confidence that it’s better having shoes off in our home. I feel more grounded in the house now. I can sense the textures of the flooring and that the floor is cleaner. As a bonus, it has made me much more aware and appreciative of our warm floor heating system. Try it, you’ll like it. Thank you for taking time to read my blogs and use my free website. I spend a lot of time on this, so if you find the information here of value, the best way to help me continue is to share the pages of this site with others. You can easily share what you find here on all your favorite social media sites, or just email the link to your friends.


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