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Number One Rundown: Good Lovin, the Young Rascals

The Young Rascals, Good Lovin-Debut Album

The Young Rascals are the epitome of early American Rock and Roll superstars. Their first television performance was on the program Hullabaloo on my twelfth birthday, February 24, 1966. During the show they performed their debut single “I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore“. I remember watching the program that evening with my family.

Their debut album, The Young Rascals was recorded with Atlantic Records #8123 and released March 26, 1966 a month after the TV appearance. Good Lovin was on side two of the album and became their first of three number one single hits. Click on any of the pics below to see the video.  The Young Rascals followed up their number one hits with a half dozen more top twenty hits and eventual induction into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 1997.

My copy of their first album still has the original poster of the band members.

Excellent music from the Sixties

Some songs just stick with you for ever and Good Lovin is one of those for me. Hearing it makes me want to get up and jump around. I was blessed to have grown up in the Sixties when such a wide variety of excellent music was flowing through the universe!

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