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Ten Reasons Every Home Needs a Back-up Generator

back-up generatorAmericans use a lot of electricity. Last year in fact the total was almost four trillion kwh. That is more than 16 times greater than the electricity used in 1950. This is why a back-up generator  is becoming an important option for the modern home

Over the last seventy years electricity has moved from being a novel and interesting source of light, to an essential and often life supporting part of modern life. Americans are more reliant now on electricity than ever for their health, heating, cooling, refrigeration and for appliances, computers, electronics, tools, and even cars and public transportation systems.

When the power grid goes away, we are in trouble. This is why every home needs a back-up source of power. 

The ten most important reasons you should have a back-up generator:

  1. Life support: breathing machines, C-pap’s, powered wheelchairs, home dialysis and other medical devices need power either directly or through batteries that must be recharged.
  2. Water: Homes that rely on wells use electric pumps to extract and distribute water to the home.
  3. Food preservation and cooking: Without power the refrigerators and freezers in your home can only keep food from spoiling for a couple of days. If you only have an electric cooktop you will definitely want a generator or some alternative way to cook. Perhaps a propane or gas camp stove would help.
  4. Drainage: Sump pumps require electricity to move water out of low-lying areas to prevent flooding. These are especially important during heavy storms when the power is most likely to be disrupted.
  5. Sewer systems: Basement sewage ejector pumps, or septic system elevator pumps will stop working in a power outage.
  6. Communications: Your power may be out, but your phone may still work if the cell tower is on. Use a generator to keep your phone charged and internet modem working.
  7. Hot water: Gas and electric water heaters need power for circulation.
  8. Security: Security cameras and alarm systems need power.
  9. Heating systems: Most high-efficiency furnaces have electronic exhaust and fan blowers as well as igniters.
  10. Spa: During a power failure with below freezing temperatures, an electrically heated outdoor spa will actually stay warm for about three days. After that, it will quickly cool and begin to freeze around the 7th day. A generator can help keep the spa from freezing and bursting pipes.

If you own a home, you need a back-up generator! So get one, and install and use it safely. Your life may depend on it. Here’s how to select the appropriate generator for your needs.

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