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Outwitting Squirrels by Bill Adler, Jr.

I know there are many homeowners like myself who have a passion for bird feeding. Unfortunately, along with bird feeding comes thieving rodents.  Finally, we have an ally in the battle against these creatures! Author Bill Adler Jr. is on our side! Bill has written what may be the most important document ever about the long-running,  guerrilla war with squirrels. A battle we are losing.

For serious bird enthusiasts, Outwitting Squirrels was meant to be a strategic and decisive weapon against these furry marauders, but somehow… spies of their evil empire must have got hold of a copy because the fight goes on!

Adler provides us with hilarious observations and clever solutions to the unrelenting assault on our bird feeders by these tenacious and not-so-cute furry rodents. (Full disclosure is in order here. My wife and I have no love for squirrels after witnessing, in horror, their voracious devouring of young birds that were just learning to fly.) With no natural predators around, the population of these rodents has exploded in my town and sadly the birds don’t have a chance.  I’ll have no more of them!

I’ll provide additional data on the trouble with the scourge later…Meantime, death and pox to all squirrels and their ilk!! Save the birds!

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