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Monthly Home Maintenance Checklists

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What to do and when to do it

Monthly home maintenance checklist
Home maintenance lists

Once you’ve made a commitment to take care of your home properly, you will need to identify what service tasks to do, and when to do them. As you read through the zones of this website you will find notes about the maintenance each one requires. There are two other ways you can do this

1. Spend years learning

You can spend 40 plus years as I have learning about all the thousands of components that make up a home. Then learn how each one works. Then glean from manufacturers the proper service procedures and hacks. When there is no manufacturer to ask, you will need to perform additional years of research and experiments. From this you can learn the best ways to care for and get maximum durability out of each of those materials.

At this point you will need to spend more years learning what things need recurring attention, how often to provide that attention and when are the best times to do so. Finally, after years and years, you will have compiled a valuable library of information about taking care of your home. Unfortunately, by then you will be old and tired, and your home will likely have fallen apart long ago. Or…

2. You can use my checklists

My checklists include all the important, recurring tasks that need to be done to properly maintain your home. The great thing about a checklist is that unlike me or you, it will not “forget” an important item. Checklists are used when the task is “mission critical.” This is why pilots, astronauts and submarine captains all use checklists. Forgetting to check and maintain an item on an airplane may result in a fatal accident.  And although your home won’t fall out of the sky if you forget to clean the gutters one season, it may cause you some expensive damage that could have been avoided.

Recurring service tasks

My checklists are powerful and very general. They cover the components that are present in most homes. When using my checklists, if you come across items your home doesn’t have, just ignore them and move on to the next task. There are over 260 checklist items on my checklists that will be inspected or maintained over a year for the typical home. We have broken down the master 260-point list into monthly checklists and will make them available to our readers during the course of the year. Check back every month for a new checklist.

If you don’t have the time or skills, then provide your list to someone else such as HPS Palo Alto, to do it for you. The key is keep at it.


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Make sure you download your monthly maintenance checklist for this month.

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