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Example of poor landscape lighting 🙁

I love good landscape lighting. Proper illumination can transform a mediocre yard by day into something stunning and romantic at night. For the money, nothing beats the aesthetic returns from the investment in lighting. Las Vegas is a great example. The casinos know a thing about making things look exciting at night. The average homeowner can cash in on this too. The beauty, usefulness and safety of your landscape can be increased dramatically by the execution of a good but simple lighting plan. The key word for light planning is “good,” and reading on will help you keep to that goal.

Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the best landscape architects in the world. These experiences have shown me how the application of lighting to a landscape is like the selection of texture and color to the painter. At night, light creates composition. Artists and photographers know the power of light in making an artistic statement and anyone interested in learning more about the subject of light and art would benefit greatly from reading The Art of Photography by Bruce Barnbaum.


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