Glossary of Terms

Building Terms – For Homeowners

Even if you don’t know them all, every homeowner should have quick access to these building terms. Many parts of the home have mysterious and sometimes confusing names. Use this glossary for help.

Contractors and tradespeople like to throw fancy words around when describing their work or when trying to make a sale. So it’s good that you know what these terms mean and not be fooled.

Also, when it comes to researching, buying, ordering or repairing your home, you need to know the right name for the right part.

This is a “living” list and will change and be added to all the time. If you can’t find a certain term here, kindly let me know and I will get you the definition. I’ll also add it to this list and give you credit for the request. Some of these terms link back to articles used in this site.

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