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It’s time to do the spring test run of your air conditioner to be sure everything is working properly.  It is important to do this now before the hot season begins and the A/C service people become swamped and unavailable.  Service the air handler, install fresh filters if needed and turn the A/C to its “on” position. Let the system run for an hour to make sure the system is producing cold air and there is proper air flow to each room. If not, call your service people and get an appointment to repair the system.  


Once the season begins, keep the a/c system running enough to keep the home within a few degrees of ideal all the time.  It its much easier and more efficient (read cheaper) to keep the home in a perpetual state of cool, than to try to overcome all the embedded heat once the structure of the house is allowed to get hot. Take a look at the A/C section for details.

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