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It’s time to be a better homeowner! Starting today let’s begin to look at homeownership differently. Your home represents enormous expended energy and materiel, and is a huge financial asset. You have likely saved for it, searched for it, acquired it and now, hopefully enjoy it. Whether this home is your first rung on the ladder or your retirement dream home, one fact remains – now that you have it, you need to care for it. So where do you start? 

Start by reading the Home Preservation MANUAL?

Like kids and spouses, most homes don’t come with instructions or any directions for long-term care. My goal is to provide that information here so that you can become a better homeowner and extract full value and enjoyment from your investment. Here you will find the missing “User guide” for your home.

Use this site as your resource to immediately develop a repair and maintenance strategy and begin properly caring for your home. Then join me back here regularly as I continue to explore new ideas and concepts around homeownership and share more valuable information with you on how to be an even better homeowner. Each week I will contribute more to this growing knowledge base by posting new and interesting topics. If you have ideas or suggestions for topics or information you would like to see or have me explore just send me a note here.

After considering all this you may decide that the plan is great, but the amount of time and effort needed to carry it out is simply too much for you. In that case, there are excellent professional firms like HPS Palo Alto Inc.* ( that can perform all this and more for you. Nevertheless, much can be accomplished on your own with the tools we are making available to you here. This manual is designed to deliver the information needed to empower all homeowners of the world to be better homeowners. 

You can do it! It is worth it.

*HPS Palo Alto, Inc. (Home Preservation Services) was founded in 1993 and is a full-service provider of proactive Stewardship and licensed general contracting services for fine homes in the Palo Alto/Los Altos area of California. The purpose of these postings is not promotional. Rather, I am simply sharing information developed and tested over many years and adaptable to virtually any home. 

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